Yoga Classes

Lindell's yoga classes aim to develop physical and mental balance. She teaches 2 types of yoga: Hatha Yoga, following the Bihar School of Yoga and Yin Yoga, according to Paul Grilley's approach.
Her Hatha Yoga classes focus on dynamic practice, flowing through and repeating postures on the pace of the breath, incorporating active holds. The practice of postures (asanas) is completed with breathing exercises (pranayama) and the practice of energy locks (mudra and bandha). The classes improve circulation, tone the muscles, increase flexibility and release energy blockages.
Her Yin Yoga classes focus on static practice, with the body remaining in one position for a few minutes, while the muscles are relaxed. The longer holds cultivate self-connection, deeper awareness, relaxation and prepare for meditation. At the same time, connective tissues of a specific body area are impacted through the postures, resulting over time in supple joints and an overall feeling of lightness in the body.
She has a functional approach to yoga-asana and insists on function and benefits of yogaposes, instead of promoting a specific esthetic form.

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Lindell teaches yoga, chakra meditation, myofascial release techniques and stretching routines in a private setting, adapted to the client's preferences and goals. She speaks Dutch, French, English and Portuguese.

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